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The first and most important step of this big organization is your wedding ceremony. The choice of ceremony type is a very sensitive issue. We plan what we can do together in line with your traditions, beliefs and tastes, and we work to make this special moment an unforgettable memory.

You can marry in a municipality or consulate with a civil ceremony , in a religious place with a religious ceremony, or in any other venue you want with a symbolic ceremony.

We are of the opinion that love conquers all and as same sex marriage is legal in Italy since 2016, we also co-operate with gay couples in organizing the ceremony of their choice – and we love to do so.

Civil Ceremonies

We plan all the processes required for consular or municipal weddings.

Religious Ceremonies

We organize the ceremonies in line with your belief by choosing the most suitable places.

Symbolic Ceremonies

We prepare the symbolic ceremonies in line with your demands at the wedding venue you choose.

Marriage Renewal Ceremonies

We organize the ceremonies that will bring the breath of fresh air to your marriage with all the details.