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Civil Ceremonies

There are two different official ways to marry abroad; consular wedding and local municipal wedding.

Halls where weddings take place in consulates are quite small, limited number of guests are allowed to participate, any decoration or music organization is prohibited. You must apply to the consulate individually by mail to get the wedding date and learn the procedures. Document delivery and tracking are done by us after you submit your application individually. The consular wedding is a free marriage. If you cannot get the desired date for the consulate wedding or if one of the spouses is a double citizen (double citizens cannot marry at consulates) we recommend you the local municipal wedding.

Municipal halls are in historical buildings which are large and suitable for decoration. Local municipal marriage is a marriage done by local authorities. Your marriage registration is made through representatives abroad and your marriage also becomes valid in your own country. Applications for local municipal marriage, taking dates, document delivery, marriage registration procedures in foreign representatives are carried out by us. The local municipal wedding is a paid wedding. If the couples do not know Italian, the marriages take place in company with a translator.