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Rome, which was the capital of the most powerful Empire for centuries and where every corner is home to art, the living spaces of very powerful families such as Orsini, Odescalchi and Medici have been transformed into museums and / or wedding venues. The massive castles from the Middle Ages, the villas and gardens constructed in the elegance of Renaissance have turned Rome into an open-air museum. Wouldn’t you like to write your own history by choosing THE ONE that speaks to your heart and soul from one these very special wedding venues?

Castle Weddings

We carry out the weddings like fairy tales at the magnificent castles of Italy.

Lake Weddings

We plan lake weddings that would dazzle everyone with their unique panaromas.

Luxury Villa Weddings

We organize the weddings in showy villas accompanied by luxury and elegance.

Garden Weddings

We invite the unique landscape of Italy to your wedding.

City Weddings

We include the splendid history and architecture of Rome to your wedding.

Country Weddings

We organize the weddings like spring fest for the ones can not give up from the nature.

Vineyard Weddings

We organize the most beautiful weddings in vineyards for the ones dreaming winy weddings.

Winter Weddings

We plan very special winter weddings accompanied by the excitement of new year.